Monday, November 26, 2007


Coming In Loud and Clear!

acrylics and tissue paper on wood slice
approx. 8"x10"

for a communication assignment.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Can someone help me w/ picture posting? As you can see I need a little help.


Ok I'm new to thing thing so it's gonna take me a while to get the hang of it. The whole idea kinda scares me a little....don't know where to start. I kind of see Blogs as a diary so i feel like I'm in 9th grade all over again, Haha.

Well, why don't we start with what's been going on recently. Last week I got a great idea from one of my professor's that myself and 2 other girls from class are going to participate in. We're starting a "shared sketchbook", name to be changed soon, very soon. Basically we three each do a drawing painting line color WHATEVER on a page or two and pass it along via mail to each other. The next person who recieves the book adds on to what the first person did and it just goes on forever, well until the book's completed. In the end we have a collabarative journal of artwork done by three FABulous arteests. We'll see what happens after that, concerning printing or exhibition, etc. I'm very excited and cant wait to get it going.


I'm also hosting another book w/ about ten other friends and artists some of who i've never met before but have seen some of their artwork and asked them to join. This book which we're trying to decide a name on as of right now, will be sent out by the end of this week to the second artist involved. So excited!!

Me and the Second Artist to follow!

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