Thursday, September 30, 2010


So it's been awhile, but I've got some new projects in the works. With Halloween coming, I'm excited to do another show, this time in good 'ol Kearny NJ!!! Live band, possible Danzig pinata (woo!) and joined with a handful of talented artists I can't see a better way to spend a late Sunday in October! So that means I gotta lot of work to do!

Also, I'm working on two other paintings, along with the other five for the Halloween show, sheesh!
The first was commissioned a while ago by my friend Doug, who's been a steady client and I'm very grateful for the work he's given me! Thanks Doug! Finally getting towards the end of this commission, which is of a painting reminesent of a 60's B movie poster starring the Mummy! Oh and thanks for my friend Nick for posing as the Mummy, haha... This is the second piece done for this series. Hopefully the rest of the series will go on and more monster movie style poster paintings will be in store. Try saying that 3 times fast...

And lastly for this month is another commission, portrait style, done in vein of Andy Warhol and his former accomplice, the artist Ludvic. The clients reside in Arizona and are having me do a piece of their kids for their kids birthday. I love this kind of work! Bright colors, high contrast... something you don't really see everyday in someones household.